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Hi I'm Latisha. My mission is to help you thrive. I bring compassion, mindfulness, and no judgment to our session. My hope for you is to help you conquer challenges or heal from current or past pain.

I want people, especially parents, to be mindful of their own needs and create a space in their family and life for honesty, respect, and growth.

You wanted to have a lasting relationship with your partner and it did not work out. You now have beautiful children that need you to be whole and happy but you are full of resentment, sadness, anxiety, and guilt. Now you have to be able to deal and heal while co-parenting your children.

Your life has taken a turn that you did not foresee and you are having trouble handling the stress, changes, and fluctuation of emotions that comes with the transitions while having to muster up the courage to effectively co-parent with your ex-partner. Your children are looking to you for guidance, support, and security but you are afraid and unsure if you can provide it. Your support system has changed and you are seeking a way through the muck. 

Relationships and people change but with the right support system I can help you comb through all the emotions that arise, figure out how to cope with how you feel, and come through on the other side resilient, recharged, and ready to be present to co-parent.


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Therapy services

Learn about how group or individual therapy via online or in-person can help you get past unhealthy emotions, define healthy boundaries, and use your voice to clearly convey your needs and desires in all types of relationships.

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Work with me to figure out how to co-parent effectively and how to connect with your kids while healing old wounds. Learn coping skills to be self-assured and independent without taking in the toxic behaviors of your coparent.  

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Contact me today and let's chat about your challenges, make sure we are a good fit, and gaining healthy coping skills, setting boundaries, and work through unboxing stuffed emotions.

You deserve to create the relationships and life you want and to elevate to it to the next level.