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Online Counseling

Are you seeking therapy but feel your schedule or location makes it out of reach for you? Well online counseling (via phone or secure video) may be the best fit for you! Many people are turning to online counseling and finding it to be a convenient way to get support for their personal and life challenges.

If your lifestyle does not allow you to seek out in-office psychology services in a, online counseling may be perfect for you!

How I Can Help:

Empowered Transitions Counseling and Consulting provides counseling that can accommodates busy students and adults, moms or dads, teens, persons working/living in rural areas with less access to mental health professionals. Virtual therapy allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home while becoming the best YOU that YOU can be.

How it Works:

In your preferred setting, you can schedule a counseling conversation on Lotusctr.Online  and experience a live, secure, and HIPAA compliant video session allowing us to see and hear each other as if we were in the same room. 

Possible advantages and disadvantages to video counseling. 


  • It is the closest experience to an in-person or office visit

  • Saves time and avoids a long commute

  • Helpful for busy adults or couples where one or both partners travel frequently

  • Helpful to couples who struggle with finding child care to attend sessions

  • Provides access to clients who may be experiencing challenges that make leaving home difficult (postpartum, depression, physical illness, elder care, agoraphobia's or other anxiety related issues)

Many clients who have tried online counseling report they find it just as effective and appreciate the convenience and privacy it offers.   

woman seeking online counseling

3 Easy steps to start Online Counseling

  1. Contact me to schedule a session or call 770-294-4006

  2. Click HERE to set up your online account, Click Client Sign-up

  3. Sign up for a free 15 min phone consultation.



To find out how I can help, contact me for your free, no-obligation consultation.