How To Help Your Child Conquer Common Childhood Fears

The world can sometimes seem so big and intimidating that a child develops quite a few fears. As a parent, you must be there to assist your child to overcome those fears and take the steps necessary to help him or her start seeing the objects of the fears in a different light. The following are some common fears and some quick tips on helping your child to overcome them.

Fear of Insects

Fear of insects is very common in small children. You can help your child overcome this fear by explaining that all things were created to serve a purpose. Therefore, even the little insects have jobs to do, but their job is not to harm your child. Additionally, children often don't realize how much bigger they are than the insects that they fear. If you can get them to understand the concept that they are the larger being who has dominion over the tiny being, then the fears may diminish. Try looking up videos with your child or going to a museum to learn about bugs. Take your child out with a camera and magnifying glass and start exploring!

Dentist Appointment Fear

The doctor and dentist appointment fear is another common one. It's quite normal and usual for children to be afraid to allow medical specialists and dentists to handle them. You can help to eliminate this fear. The first action you can take is to let them know what to expect from a dental visit such as the examination and the fun cleaning session and so forth. Don't leave out the part about the stickers! Furthermore, you can take your son or daughter to meet the dentist beforehand. That will help to break the ice immensely.

Being Scared of the Dark

Fear of the dark is something that sometimes scares children immensely. The unseen world frightens them because they believe that such things can harm them. First, you can try sitting with your child with the lights off. Just talk in your soothing voice until he or she feels comfortable enough to let you go. You could also use a night light for a little while. No matter which method you use, you will also need to instill the message that everything is going to be okay, nothing is going to harm your child in the dark, and they should fear no evil.

Many other childhood fears exist. The key to helping your child conquer these fears is to be as supportive and encouraging as possible and to avoid exposing them to anything that may agitate those fears. Above all, you must shower your child with love.

We all want to do the best we can in our lives, but unfortunately there’s no instruction manual for existence. Fortunately if you’re looking for some help I highly recommend checking out our resource section! Sometimes hearing from someone else’s perspective helps us feel a bit more normal and it can also help us learn what we can do to improve!


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