Revenge of the Legos — Lotus Therapies

 I hope you step on the middle of the night...while going to the bathroom!

I know that is what some of my clients wish when I am trying to help them look at the bright side of things. So I put the lego in perspective. Yes, the lego is a painful obstacle that I had to endure in order to be where I am now.
See... progress.

I want to always be able to connect with my clients even if they wish the death of my foot via a Darth Vader lego. 

My name is Latisha (Taylor) Ellis and I am a licensed counselor in Lawrenceville, GA. I am originally from Tennessee so you can read this post in a country twang and it will sound just like me! I specialize in Anger Management, Family Violence, and various areas of Life Transitions, also relationships, couples, women and teen girls. 

I hope to bring knowledge, humor, and empowerment to you who stumble upon this blog. My hope is that I can be a beacon of hope even if for a moment and that you travel this journey with me.

See you in Lego Land~